Welcome to TAYLOR + MAX

We are a eco-conscious retailer driven by nostalgia, culture and slow fashion.  


We believe that people should be the best version of themselves- and this value must be instilled within our children from birth.  

We believe in respecting the opinion and boundaries of children while providing a safe and positive community to learn, thrive and flourish. 

We believe that it takes a community to raise strong, healthy and resilient children who respect others, stand for what is right, to be conscious of Planet Earth and the people who live on it.  

We offer a eco-conscious platform for parents and their children to choose the best outfit that is comfortable, has great fit and one that best reflects their personality and self-expression.  

The brands that we invest in also believe producing the best product that is safe, sustainable and that can be cherished for years to come.  

My commitment is to be a trusted resource where you can easily find quality clothing and toys with a unique design, manufactured in an ethical way, safe for children, good for our planet while maintaining an aesthetic that fits your child’s personality and lifestyle.



Our partners ethically produce their collections each season in small production runs made by ateliers in Peru, Spain, Portugal, Chile, India and China.  We prefer to support small, family ran businesses and manufacturies. 



Our partners are committed to using organic fabrics, recycled fibers, and high-quality natural fibers in each production.  Some items may be made using recycled products salvaged from the environment.  In such case, this practice intends to give plastics and synthetic fibers a second life, saving them from going into landfills or in the oceans. 



We are 80% plastic-free.  We ship our orders in compostable bags or paper and eco-friendly materials that customers can reuse.