Child of The Flower-Song People

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She was Luz Jimenez, child of the flower-song people, the powerful Aztec, who called themselves Nashua- who lost their land but who did not disappear.

As a young Nahua girl in Mexico during the 1900s Luz learned how to grind corn in a metate, to twist yarn with her toes, and to weave on a loom. 

But when the Mexican revolution came to her village, LUZ, and her family were forced to flea and start a new life in Mexico City.  In Mexico City, LUZ, became a model for painters, sculptures, and photographers, such as Diego Rivera, John Charlot, and Tina Modotti. These artists were interested in showing the true face of Mexico, and not a European version. Through her work LUZ found a way to preserve her peoples culture by sharing her native language, stories, and traditions. Soon scholars came to learn from her.

through LUZ‘s deep pride in her roots, and her unshakable spirit, the world came to recognize the beauty and strength of her people.