Two years have gone by already. But at the same time it feels like TEN 😇.  The past two years have been a learning experience for us. We have accomplished a lot of things that I'm proud of. Also, we have made a ton of mistakes and have fallen a few times. But we got up and kept running.

Here are a few highlights that we are proud of:

We've hosted two free community events:

  • Mother's Day photoshoot where mothers came dressed in their pretty outfits and took pictures with their little ones.  Grandparents and fathers also participated to show their appreciation towards the wonderful mothers in the lives.  
  • Our Sensitive Santa event for children and adults with developmental disabilities was amazing! A local photographer and Santa Claus donated their time and skills to make Christmas special for families.  

We collaborated with the local high school and created Abby's Music Hour.  Abby is a local high school student who is very talented.  She plays her guitar and sings to the children who visits the store.  

This is just the start for us. We are passionate about encouraging children to embrace who they and to be the best version of themselves.  Let's stay connected as there is more to come.

We have new products in the shop and more is on the way. Our anniversary sale is Feb. 22nd, 23rd and 24th.  Take 20% off of Kickee Pants, Angel Dear, Kissy Kissy and Finn and Emma. For online shoppers, use code TWOYEAR18 at checkout. What a great time to stock up on baby gifts!

Last fall, we featured a capsule collection for women. This spring, we are bringing in more women's wear!

Over the past two years, I am most grateful for the our sweet customers who have been so supportive and patient.  I am also blessed to have Dani and Tonya to help run the shop. They are incredible. They work so hard and take care of everyone so amazingly. I am so blessed to be in a community where the business owners work together. You are all incredible.  




08 mai, 2018 — LISA WASHINGTON

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