Welcome to the world of Misha & Puff. To those who are connoisseurs of luxurious yet practical knits and woven fabrics, I hope you are delighted to see familiar favorites and updated silhouettes in a meld of contrasts. Neutrals, florals, jewel tones, and pops of color invite you to curate a unique look for your child. This timeless, practical, and charming collection has everything you will need to keep your little ones warm during cool spring days and summer nights. Most of the knits are hand knitted by skilled Peruvian artisans. The knitters also autograph the hang tags. This is a conscious yet subtle reminder that someone made these clothes.

Misha & Puff’s approach to this collection was to start with a neutral pallet of colors and basics that can be easily styled with multiple pieces within the collection. Classic styles such as the Victoria Cardigan, the Popcorn henley style sweater, and the Fiora Vest are statement pieces that can pair with existing wardrobe staples. This season’s collection is released in two phases. I hope that you like our selection. We are working towards becoming a more sustainable company. Your opinion and feedback are valuable and welcomed.


African American Model about the age of 5 is wearing the Fiora hand knitted vest by the child;s designer Misha and Puff.  She is leaning against a vintage green fishing boat while wearing stripped wide legged pants.  Shop Taylorandmax.com for unique and special clothes for your girl or boy.

20 avril, 2022 — Lisa Wash

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